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Why DNA Free Products !!

Sterile or DNA free

Sterile is an "old" fashion way" mostly used in the past.

In many cases in microbiology, not related to any PCR or qPCR sterile is sufficient. Eg. media for bacteriology are sterilized by autoclaving no assure that no bacteria are present. However DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase are very likely present. Notice that non of the labs doing sterilization, regardless hospital labs, etc. do NOT test on absence DNA, DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase!!

Also any method as ETO, Cobalt 60, Electron beam, autoclave do not influence or reduce DNA, DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase!!

AS a matter of fact most manufacturers of micro centrifuge tubes do NOT test for DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase.

They just sterilize. BIOplastics manufacturing process, as well as any products which are manufactured by us, are tested for DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNas e, RNase, and pyrogen absence.

To please "old type" customers and "non-knowledgeable" users we also offer sterile products by, after testing for DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase absence, carousel-ling the products around a cobalt 60 source which kills any living germs. Our plastics raw material a specifically selected so it can handle cobalt 60 irradiation. It is one of the reasons that BIOplastics is one of the few, so not the only which offers sterile PCR vessels and plates. Other we know which offers sterile PCR product uses autoclaving and/or EtO. Good to know though is that sterilizations of plastics cause changes in the plastics structure so the products losses some of its characteristics. This is something one likes to avoid. Cobalt 60 irradiation caused the material to become more bridle. BIOplastics is the only company as far as we know which can handle Cobalt 60 irradiation of PCR vessels.

The fact that we call our products not sterile even when tested for DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase absence is only related to the general definition of sterile (after the process of sterilization less that 1 on 1000000 micro organism may survive).

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